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Since 2010, we have been selectively breeding Harris’s Hawks for outstanding hunting ability and for other traits desirable in falconry, including keen appetite and tameness. A hawk with a hearty appetite can be flown at a higher weight and thus can achieve greater fitness and endurance


“Majestic and intelligent, the Harris Hawk embodies the beauty and power of nature’s aerial hunters

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“I recently acquired a Harris Hawk from this The entire process was seamless, and the  dedication to their birds is truly commendable. The hawk arrived in perfect condition, and it’s clear that it was well-cared for. I’m grateful for the positive experience

George Leo, Wolverhampton

“I’m beyond delighted with my recent Harris Hawk purchase from this exceptional falconry expert . The communication was excellent, and the hawk arrived in impeccable health. Their passion for these majestic birds shines through, and it’s evident in the bond I’m already forming with my new feathered companion.

Theo O. Bradford

Exceptional service and an extraordinary Harris Hawk! I recently acquired this majestic bird from these highly skilled falconry specialist . The entire experience, from inquiry to delivery, was fantastic. and it came with food and some accessories 

Charlie Oscar. York

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All-time favourite